CSA - Farm Membership

What is a CSA?

Eat Local. Support Local.

Welcome to Everwild Farm’s CSA Farm Card! This is a way of providing you, our valued community, with the freshest, highest quality, and most delicious food week in and week out.  Choose what you want, when you want.

A CSA, short for “community supported agriculture”,  it provides us farmers with a crucial influx of cash in the winter and early spring which we will use to purchase seeds, cover crops, fertilizers and compost to feed the soil, repair and improve equipment and much more. In return it provides you, our members, access to our most delicious produce all year long.


Members of our CSA purchase a Farm Card which they can spend like cash throughout the year at our Farm Stand located at East Falls Farmers Market. Members pick out their own produce, as much or as little as they’d like, over the course of the growing season. You use the card as you would cash or any gift card; we subtract their weekly selections from their credit balance.

As a member you will have the ability to pick whatever you like, every week. Don’t like fennel? Skip it. Craving radishes? Grab as many bunches as you want. Having a party? Pick up everything you’ll need at our farmstand.

Going away? Not a problem! You won’t miss out any of the perks of the CSA – instead, when you come back, we will be ready for you with your fresh vegetables.

Reload your card anytime. Funds do not expire.

Pick up location at East Falls Farmers Market Only


Check out our new 2024 CSA Workshare Program.

Workshare Info!
** Weekly spending estimates are based on averages through out the year. Although we are a four season farm, there are limits to what we can grow during the winter months. You can plan to spend less during the winter growing season (November-April) and more during peak season.

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