Our Story

Everwild Farm

Ambler, Pennsylvania

Everwild Farm is a small-scale regenerative farm rooted in nature and community, based in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The foundation of the farm rests on a strong soil microbiology and intelligent design in order to foster a more ecological and nourishing food system. We organically grow highly nutrient dense vegetables using hand tools and minimal tillage practices.



The farm is designed using a permaculture model – aiming to re-establish a healthy balance to the ecosystem around us through native landscape and soil restoration and fortification. Everwild Farm is a part of the regenerative agriculture movement. This movement is grounded in a set of principles that moves beyond just organic – that looks to grow with the ecosystem surrounding it above and below ground through intense and deliberate care for the land. We are increasing the organic matter and microbes in the soil through composting and natural fertilizers; above the soil we are using perennial medicinal and pollinator attracting-flowers and herbs to create a vibrant ecology, increasing the resilience of the land and creating a symbiotic food system built with nature, not on top of it.


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